Satanicpornocultshop Visit ’70s Africa For Snack EP

Long-running Osaka outfit Satanicpornocultshop’s latest release, the Snack EP, features a strict unifying sonic theme — the group samples African funk tracks from the 1970s and turns them into wobbly juke numbers. The source material — warm, guitar-centered music — gives Snack an overall brighter atmosphere than many of the outfit’s previous juke releases (and most Japanese juke songs…considering how many are about the horrors of nuclear energy…). Though the stutter effect of juke still makes for plenty of unsettling moments, highlighted early by the repetition of the titular name on “Jerome,” a detail that should be totally banal but becomes creepy as the song plays out. Snack brings to mind Los Angeles producer Madlib’s Beat Konducta series, in particular the second installment wherein he sampled only ’70s Indian music. It made for great beats, and it helped shine lot on songs from a place often ignored in discussions about music. Get it here, or listen below.

New DYGL: “All The Time”

Another year, another 12 months where I initially add a “W” to the end of this band’s name.

Anyway, DYGL…not Leather, DYGL…have a new song called “All The Time” up on SoundCloud. It’s a driving rock number, featuring some of the most intensely delivered vocals the young outfit have recorded to date (so throaty!). Listen above.

Trekkie Trax Kinda Thursday: New EP From Sleepwell, New Song From DubbyMaple

Trekkie Trax have been gaining steam for a bit now, and the momentum keeps on building. They have this English article, for starters, and already lay claim to one of January’s stronger Japanese electronic releases via Amunoa’s Cinderella Song. The imprint’s latest offering is from producer Sleepwell with Zzz which…well, sorry for this, but it is far from a snooze. It is a mostly uptempo collection, that offers up a lot of snapping dance tracks (though it also makes room for numbers like “Madness,” at times a minimal wriggler and later on a rush of noise). Listen to it above.

Producer DubbyMaple’s latest track, “Nebula3000,” isn’t technically out under the Trekkie Trax umbrella, but he has released music with them so close enough for today. His latest is a bleeping, fast track that messes around with tempo a bit, and comes out as a solid spinball of a song. Listen below.

Tanukineiri Cooks Up New Compilation: Shiori Sampler

Tanukineiri has been one of the strongest netlabels in the game over the past couple of years, and one of their earliest highlights was Tanukineiri Drink Sampler, a beverage-themed release highlighting a wide array of fantastic artists from both the acoustic and electronic side of the fence. The label’s 60th release…dudes put out music at a manic pace…is a new compilation album, the Shiori Sampler, a double-stuffed collection that again spreads across all genres. It’s a massive one, and we suggest just diving in here and here. That and we are still sifting through it all!

Pa’s Lam System, Parkgolf, Spazzkid And More Remix Tofubeat’s First Album

It’s easy to scoff at the term “major-label debut,” but here’s where ties to a bigger imprint producer real-deal benefits for a bunch of folks. Tofubeats’ First Album wasn’t actually his first album, but it was his first official full length from Warner Brother’s Japan label UnBorde, and it was a frantic, YouTube-hole-like trip of a record. Now here comes the remix album, which puts the spotlight on some really exciting producers from all over Japan and beyond.

Pa’s Lam System have a knack for creating hyperactive floor fillers…we are still in awe of this one-two punch from last year…so giving them the already frantic Para-Para-inspired jam from First Album makes sense, though it is impressive they find a way to ratchet up the energy even more. The always wonky Parkgolf gets especially discombobulated on his rework, while Denki Groove member Yoshinori Sunahara turns torch-song “Don’t Stop The Music” slippery. Also popping up is LA-based producer Spazzkid, who puts his touch to “Come On Honey!” Listen to all of them above.

AND if you are reading this…now…you should tune in here at 11 PM to see a livestream event (tofustream, nice).