Various New Songs Catch-Up Post: Parkgolf Remixing Kindan No Tasuketsu, Nigori And Nohtenkigengo

So much going on recently that it seems necessary to catch up on some of the things that have buzzed by in recent days (and because all of the albums that just arrived online deserve more time to grow). So, here’s some new stuff out of Japan:

- Hokkaido producer Parkgolf reworked “Tonight Tonight” by Kindan No Tasuketsu, transforming it from a nervous bit of release to a full-fledged wonk out. His usual jellybean synths zip around the original vocals – complimented by rough bass slaps and other out-the-corner sounds. Despite being a technicolor whirlwind, the emotional punch of the original still comes through – even when Parkgolf hurls everything in his production box at it. Listen below.

– For something totally different…Mie-based ambient producer Nigori has a new number called “Latency Of Hospital,” which can be heard below. It’s a slowly unfolding number, but what gives it a nice personal touch are the vocal samples playing alongside it, which bless it with a peaceful slice-of-life quality.

- Last…and more on this one and the album it arrives on in the near future…is Nohtenkigengo’s first taste of his latest full-length. And it is very promising – “Typhoon” is a jaunty number, with a great hook, but the way he plays the guitar (especially the little trills that go up every so often) give this a pop-ready immediacy that sure is sweet. Listen below.

New Juvenile Juvenile: “Forget Me Soon”

I feel…because why write “I’ve noticed” when dealing with twee-ish music!…that there has been an upswing in solid indie-pop lately. To recap – after Kyoto’s Homecomings released their still-fantastic debut last year, things trailed off, with most of what emerged from indie-pop-verse leaning a bit closely to shoegazey, bad-sing songs. But recently…it has been picking up. A new For Tracy Hyde EP (more on that soon), hints of new Boyish and Post Modern Team up to stuff. And now, a solid one from the outfit Juvenile Juvenile, the deliciously titled “Forget Me Soon.” Listen above.

New She Talks Silence: “The Moon”

I guess this fall is going to see a lot of great releases, huh? Tokyo duo She Talks Silence have a new split 7″ out next week with…Towa Tei, which really is sorta a swerve. But a great one. “The Moon” will be STS’ contribution, and it is a shadow-bathed number featuring nimble guitar and rumbling drum hits. And, of course, the singing, which is almost a whisper but picks up in intensity as the song rolls forward. Listen below.

New may.e: “Hands Of Memories”

The real juicy news…and one that makes the first morning after summer vacation a touch more tolerable…is that Tokyo’s may.e will release a new album called Spangle in October. “Hands Of Memories” is the first taste of that collection, although it is in “demo” form (and, unless my computer stinks, the audio crackles a bit). It’s a reflective number, featuring heavy use of piano alongside her usual tricks, and builds not to any sort of a release as it leads to an understanding, wordless acceptance. Listen below.

New White Wear: ” ++///++ “

It isn’t so much CUZ ME PAIN has been missing as much as they’ve been doing their own thing in the corners of Tokyo in 2014 – the artists making up the collective/label have been holding their own DJ events around town, and (at least in the case of Jesse Ruins) have started work on new albums. Still, not much has trickled out…but here’s the first fully formed CUZ ME PAIN song to emerge in a while, courtesy of White Wear. This one – sorry, not typing it out again – almost feels like a throwback to the earliest days of the label, when creating texture that one could also dance to took precedent over all else. It isn’t quite as shadow-covered – this is a wriggly number, save for the voice buried way deep in the back – but a nice reminder to keep an eye on CUZ ME PAIN moving forward. Listen below.

EDIT: This post was a day late – and now the track has vanished. So mysterious!!!!