New Nohtenkigengo: “Fever”

This is more of a public service announcement than any substantial write-up, but rising folk-pop artist Nohtenkigengo released his first major album, Never, last week, and it is very much worth your time, especially if you like the sort of extra-oomph music of someone like Shugo Tokumaru. Here’s his latest video, for the song “Fever.” Listen above.

Creation From Chaos: Nyolfen’s Create A New World

There are a lot of sounds to sift through on electronic producer Nyolfen’s newest EP, Create A New World. They just don’t always come across clearly. This four-song collection piles on different sounds, individual songs such as “Cloudburst” (above) jumping from cut-up sample workouts to splashes of big booming trap, all punctured by…dog barks. Yet for all these disparate elements, Nyolfen mostly keeps the songs tied together nicely (except when he purposely lets them descend into sped-up chaos), the whole track bouncing along all nice and catchy. He sticks to more or less the same formula throughout, swapping out individual ideas – an angelic chorus pops up in “Earth And Sea,” – but makes it work across the whole album. Get it here.

New For Tracy Hyde: “Shady Lane Sherbet”

Well, “new” in the sense that it is a different recording of an already existing For Tracy Hyde song. “Shady Lane Sherbet” originally appeared on the band’s 2012 debut EP Juniper And Lamplight, and was an early highlight among the group’s more straightforward indie-rock songs – “Sherbet” embraced dreaminess, bouncing ahead rather driving forward. All those qualities remain in place for “Sherbet” 2014, but with one change – the group’s new singer, Lovely Summer Chan is slotted into the main vocal spot, with original singer Azusa Suga now backing her up. Lovely Summer Chan’s voice blurs more into the woozy hop-a-long, but critically Suga’s voice adds a tether back to reality, so the vocals don’t drop totally into pure blurriness. Listen above.

Maltine Remixes Porter Robinson’s “Flicker”

So remember when Tomggg remixed Porter Robinson’s “Flicker,” and transformed it into a twinkly little wonder? Welp, turns out that was part of a bigger project. Maltine Records just released a collection of “Flicker” remixes, including Tomggg’s playroom reworking, all done by Japanese producers. It ranges from relatively straightforward brostep chaos (Bugloud’s jarring take) to Carpainter’s 8-bit-accented two-step. In The Blue Shirt brings in skittery vocal samples to join the already stuttering Japanese ones, while Qrion does what she does so well…strips the song down into a skeletal number that begs to soundtrack a forest covered in mist. The most interesting contributor, though, is fu_mou, an electronic artist responsible for the netlabel jam “Green Night Parade” – which Robinson included in his BBC Essential Mix a few months back. His version of “Flicker” touches a few ideas present in “Green Night Parade,” and is a nice inter-artist connection. Get it here, and listen to Tomggg’s take one last time below.

UPDATE: It’s back!

No Idol Concept: Partyarise’s “Fuwa Fuwa Moko Moko”

As an idea, Partyarise’s guiding principle isn’t actually that fresh. “Club music meets idol!” has been going strong well before this project started a SoundCloud page, and has only picked up steam. So Partyarise and first song “Fuwa Fuwa Moko Moko” aren’t breaking any new ground…just go to Mogra, ya know…but it sounds plenty nice all the same. Partially that’s because the mission statement isn’t actually achieved here – the music isn’t club fare, but rather a more slippery version of pop, full of twinkles and quick break beats and laser throbs (but cute). It’s Neo-Shibuya-Kei made in a bedroom (comparable contemporary – Her Ghost Friend) and that’s actually welcome because of how darty it is. Listen above.